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Xcel Team

Xcel Team Description


Prep Op/Xcel is a prep-opt/excel gymnastics team program specifically designed for the MEGA gymnasts who want to compete, but want an alternative to the traditional J.O. level system (1-10), and want less of a time commitment.

We use all the national rules for the Xcel Program based on 5 levels of competition, for ages 6-18 at meets and a state meet with a minimum of 2 sanctioned meet attendances. 


Basic 4 skills bar routine, rolls, cartwheels and roundoffs dominate. Similar to level 3/4 



Medium 8 skill bar routine including kip(s), jump to high bar, handspring ariels, saltos on floor. Similar to level 4/5



Medium 12 skill bar routine including flyaway, advancing vaults allowed including handsprings and twisting with more connected elements on floor/ beam. Similar to level 6



Higher level 12 skill bar routine including casts to 3/4 handstand, higher tumbling with more elements floor/beam. Similar to level 7/8 



Highest level bar routine including pirouettes and giants, flipping vaults, twisting tumbling and advanced dance on floor/beam. Similar to level 9




Janie Murakovskaya

Nicole Kelleher